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Family of George EYRE and SARAH

Husband: George EYRE (bap.1696, d.1768)
Wife: SARAH ( - )
Children: John EYRE (bap.1727)
William EYRE (bap.1729, d.1796)
Mary EYRE (bap.1733, d.1757)
Marriage 1725 Hope, Derbyshire, England

Husband: George EYRE

Name: George EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Ellis EYRE (bap.1660, d.1729)
Mother: Zena HADFIELD (bap.1663, d.1729)
Baptism 9 Aug 1696 Hope, Derbyshire, England 1
Death 1768 Hope, Derbyshire, England


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John EYRE

Name: John EYRE
Sex: Male
Baptism 1727 Hope, Derbyshire, ***************************ASHOP PT.3.

Child 2: William EYRE

Name: William EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Dolly HAGUE ( -1804)
Spouse 2: Ellen FURNACE (1732-1753)
Baptism 1729 Hope, Derbyshire, England 2
Death 1796 White-Lee, Derbyshire, England 3

Child 3: Mary EYRE

Name: Mary EYRE
Sex: Female
Baptism 1733 Hope, Derbyshire, England
Death 1757 Hope, Derbyshire, England


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