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Family of George EYRE and Margaret BARKER

Husband: George EYRE (bap.1730, d.1801)
Wife: Margaret BARKER ( -1772)
Children: Joseph EYRE (bap.1755)
Ann EYRE (bap.1757)
Thomas EYRE (bap.1759)
Grace EYRE (bap.1761)
George EYRE (bap.1763, d.1845)
Francis EYRE (bap.1766, d.1842)
Mary EYRE (bap.1768, d.1857)
Margaret EYRE (bap.1771)
Marriage 6 Jun 1754 Hope, Derbyshire, England 1

Husband: George EYRE

Name: George EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: George EYRE (bap.1693)
Mother: Ann STAINROD ( -1761)
Baptism 1730 Hope, Derbyshire, England 2
Death 1801 Hope, Derbyshire, England 1

Wife: Margaret BARKER

Name: Margaret BARKER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Baptism Hope, Derbyshire, England 2
Death 4 Jan 1772 Hope, Derbyshire, England 3

Child 1: Joseph EYRE

Name: Joseph EYRE
Sex: Male
Baptism 1755 Hope, Derbyshire, England 4

Child 2: Ann EYRE

Name: Ann EYRE
Sex: Female
Baptism 1757 Hope, Derbyshire, England 5

Child 3: Thomas EYRE

Name: Thomas EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary BOCKING ( - )
Baptism 1759 Hope, Derbyshire, England 4

Child 4: Grace EYRE

Name: Grace EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Francis TOWNSEND ( - )
Baptism 1761 Hope, Derbyshire, England 2

Child 5: George EYRE

Name: George EYRE 6
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah UNKNOWN ( - )
Baptism 16 Oct 1763 Hope, Derbyshire, England 6
Death 6 Apr 1845 Hope, Derbyshire, England 6

Child 6: Francis EYRE

Name: Francis EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth BOCKING (bap.1778, d.1848)
Baptism 27 Sep 1766 Hope, Derbyshire, England 2
Death 2 Jul 1842 Hope, Derbyshire, England 6,8,9

Additional Information

Residence The family lived at Abney Grange, a hamlet on the moors near
Little Hucklow, a few miles from Abney village and a further
distance from Highlow Hall.

Child 7: Mary EYRE

Name: Mary EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas BOCKING (1766- )
Baptism 1768 Hope, Derbyshire, England 4
Death 1857 10

Child 8: Margaret EYRE

Name: Margaret EYRE
Sex: Female
Baptism 1771 Hope, Derbyshire, England


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