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Matches 1 to 46 of 46 for Tree equals Strays NOR Kings Lynn

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F46
BAYES, Francis EYRE, Florence 22 Feb 1898  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
2 F21
BINGE, Thomas UNKNOWN, Susan   Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
3 F30
CHEESMAN, Richard EYRE, Esther Between Oct 1845 and Dec 1845 Lewisham reg district  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
4 F22
CRACROFT, Thomas EYRE, Sarah 13 Sep 1770 Stambourne,Essex,England  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
5 F42
ELPHINSTONE, Unknown UNKNOWN, Primrose Margaret   Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
6 F1
EYRE, Rev. Ambrose UNDERWOOD, Mary   Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
7 F7
EYRE, Ambrose UNKNOWN, Sarah Yes, date unknown  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
8 F40
EYRE, Ambrose HOLT, Elizabeth 21 Mar 1729 Charterhouse Chapel, Finsbury, London, England  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
9 F4
EYRE, Daniel PRICE, Elizabeth 22 May 1809 St. Marys, Newington, Southwark, Surrey, England  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
10 F43
EYRE, Edmund Henry POOLEY, Maria Louisa 8 Jan 1862 India  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
11 F31
EYRE, Edmund John UNKNOWN, Henrietta   Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
12 F16
EYRE, Edmund John BOLTON, Elizabeth 22 Jan 1793 St. Martin, Birmingham,  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
13 F5
EYRE, Edmund John GOOD, Katherine Louisa 12 Jan 1852 Trinity Church, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
14 F38
EYRE, Edmund Walter ELPHINSTONE, Jane 1 Dec 1831 Belgaum, India  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
15 F37
EYRE, Edmund Walter FRANKLYN, Charlotte Hooker 7 Mar 1837 Chetterpore, India  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
16 F35
EYRE, Edmund Walter SMALLEY, Maria 7 Nov 1850 Madras, India  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
17 F32
EYRE, Edmund Walter PROWSE, Frances Between Jul 1862 and Sep 1862 Bath reg district  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
18 F28
EYRE, Henry Vernon WATERS, Elizabeth 12 Apr 1899 Norwood, South Australia  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
19 F33
EYRE, Montague Stokes LEWIS, Emily Frances 31 Mar 1897 Parish Church, Folkstone, Kent, England  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
20 F18
EYRE, Samuel BINGE, Mary 9 May 1847 St. Andrews, Holborn, London, England  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
21 F23
EYRE, Samuel Adolphus UNKNOWN, Unknown Between Oct 1876 and Dec 1876 London C reg district  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
22 F24
EYRE, Samuel Adolphus UNKNOWN, Unknown Between Apr 1884 and Jun 1884 St. Giles reg district  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
23 F3
EYRE, Venn KEENE, Frances 21 Sep 1737 Middleton, Norfolk, England  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
24 F39
EYRE, William UNKNOWN, Mary   Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
25 F6
GOOD, John    Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
26 F50
HIGGINS, Graham Eyre STOKES, Dorothy 1942  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
27 F49
HIGGINS, Herbert Sydney PASK, Blanche Marie Eyre Between Jan 1903 and Mar 1903 Rochford reg district  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
28 F11
KEENE, Charles ROLFE, Susan   Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
29 F15
KEENE, Rev Edmund UNKNOWN, Mary May 1753  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
30 F34
LEWIS, Henry UNKNOWN, Emily Gertrude   Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
31 F20
PARK, James    Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
32 F19
PASK, Arthur Thomas EYRE, Blanche Keene 18 Jan 1877 St. Marys Chapel, West Brompton, Middlesex, England  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
33 F27
POND, George Peter EYRE, Augusta Martha Between Jul 1886 and Sep 1886 Holborn reg district  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
34 F44
POOLEY, Charles    Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
35 F8
PRICE, Thomas UNKNOWN, Elizabeth   Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
36 F48
PROWSE, John Arbuthnot    Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
37 F36
SMALLEY, Edward    Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
38 F45
ST. JOHN, Charles William George    Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
39 F41
ST. JOHN, Frederick Charles EYRE, Jane Margaret 7 Jun 1860 Bellary, India  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
40 F47
THOM, George EYRE, Emily 10 Sep 1921  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
41 F9
THORP, Richard EYRE, Helen Between Oct 1855 and Dec 1855 Lewisham reg district  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
42 F25
UNDERWOOD, Unknown    Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
43 F26
UNKNOWN, Unknown EYRE, Frederica Elizabeth Between Jan 1887 and Mar 1887 Islington reg district  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
44 F10
WALLIS, Baily EYRE, Jane 26 Jul 1780  Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
45 F29
WATERS, Robert Thomas    Strays NOR Kings Lynn 
46 F2
WATTS, William EYRE, Mary 3 May 1792 St. Andrews, Holborn, London, England  Strays NOR Kings Lynn