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Matches 1 to 24 of 24 for Tree equals Strays WAR Coventry

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F23
CHAYTOR, William EYRE, Mary Bef 1 Nov 1823 Clonmel, Ireland  Strays WAR Coventry 
2 F19
DENNETT, Unidentified    Strays WAR Coventry 
3 F18
DENNETT, William Hugh EYRE, Harriet 11 Aug 1829 Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England  Strays WAR Coventry 
4 F22
EDWARDS, Joseph Holbech    Strays WAR Coventry 
5 F24
EYRE, Charles SWAIN, Ann 10 May 1802 St Lawrence, Foleshill, Warwick, England  Strays WAR Coventry 
6 F7
EYRE, Rev. James HARDING, Charlotte 9 Apr 1790 Solihull, Warwickshire, England  Strays WAR Coventry 
7 F21
EYRE, James William Jenkins EDWARDS, Sarah 30 May 1865 Solihull, Warwickshire, England  Strays WAR Coventry 
8 F20
EYRE, James Williiam JENKINS, Ann 6 May 1819 Worcestershire, England  Strays WAR Coventry 
9 F6
EYRE, John UNKNOWN, Margaret 1736  Strays WAR Coventry 
10 F8
EYRE, General John RAIN, Charlotte 1826 Jamaica  Strays WAR Coventry 
11 F1
EYRE, Vademont    Strays WAR Coventry 
12 F3
EYRE, Vademont UNKNOWN, Elizabeth 1628  Strays WAR Coventry 
13 F2
EYRE, Vademont UNKNOWN, Unknown 1659  Strays WAR Coventry 
14 F4
EYRE, Vademont UNKNOWN, Hannah 1685  Strays WAR Coventry 
15 F17
LYNES, John WYNNE, Caroline-Sobieski Sep 1822  Strays WAR Coventry 
16 F14
MARSINGALE, Zachariah    Strays WAR Coventry 
17 F13
PARR, Samuel MARSINGALE, Jane Nov 1771  Strays WAR Coventry 
18 F12
PARR, Samuel EYRE, Mary 27 Dec 1816 Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warwickshire, England  Strays WAR Coventry 
19 F5
POOLE, Unknown EYRE, Elizabeth 1689  Strays WAR Coventry 
20 F10
SPARROW, John Eyre WYLEY, Marion Lisa Between Oct 1876 and Dec 1876 Islington reg district  Strays WAR Coventry 
21 F11
SPARROW, John Henry    Strays WAR Coventry 
22 F9
SPARROW, John William EYRE, Charlotte 12 May 1846 St. Pancras, London, England  Strays WAR Coventry 
23 F15
WYNNE, John PARR, Sarah-Anne   Strays WAR Coventry 
24 F16
WYNNE, Robert    Strays WAR Coventry