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Family of Robert LE EYR and UNKNOWN

Husband: Robert LE EYR (bap.1282?, d.1363?)
Wife: UNKNOWN (bap.1222?)
Children: William LE EYR (bap.1315, d.1380)
Marriage 1310 Hope, Derbyshire, England 1

Husband: Robert LE EYR

Name: Robert LE EYR
Sex: Male
Father: Robert LE EYR (bap.1251, d.1336?)
Mother: UNKNOWN (bap.1260?)
Death 1363 (app) Hope, Derbyshire, England 2
Baptism 1282 (app) Hope, Derbyshire, England 3


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Baptism 1222 (app) Hope, Derbyshire, England 1

Child 1: William LE EYR

Name: William LE EYR
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Anabill LE CLERK (bap.1340?, d.1409?)
Spouse 2: UNKNOWN (bap.1312?)
Baptism 1315 Edale, Derbyshire, England 3
Death 1380 3

Note on Husband: Robert LE EYR

inherited the appointment of, Forrester of the Peak Area, on

death of his father2


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