. Family of Thomas EYRE and Agnes HAIGH
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Thomas EYRE's parents: John EYRE (bap.1430) and Joan PAGE (bap.1436?)
Agnes HAIGH's father: Robert HAIGH ( - )

Family of Thomas EYRE and Agnes HAIGH

Husband: Thomas EYRE (bap.1460)
Wife: Agnes HAIGH (bap.1466?)
Children: John EYRE (bap.1488)
Robert EYRE (bap.1490)
George EYRE (bap.1492)
Edward EYRE (bap.1494)
Marriage 1486 (app)

Husband: Thomas EYRE

Name: Thomas EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: John EYRE (bap.1430)
Mother: Joan PAGE (bap.1436?)
Baptism 1460 Northlees, Hathersage, Derbyshire, England

Wife: Agnes HAIGH

Name: Agnes HAIGH
Sex: Female
Father: Robert HAIGH ( - )
Mother: -
Baptism 1466 (app) Birchenlee., Derbyshire, England

Child 1: John EYRE

Name: John EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joan STALEY (bap.1500?)
Baptism 1488 Grainfoot, Hathersage, Derbyshire, England

Child 2: Robert EYRE

Name: Robert EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sytha BARBER (bap.1495?)
Baptism 1490 Crook Hill, Derbyshire, England

Child 3: George EYRE

Name: George EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth BARBER (bap.1498)
Baptism 1492 Abney, Derbyshire, England

Child 4: Edward EYRE

Name: Edward EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes BROWNELL (bap.1495?)
Baptism 1494 Crook Hill, Derbyshire, England