Eyre Brick Walls

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c1800 - 1853 Benjamin EYRE Living in Lincolnshire from his getting married in 1820s to his death in 1853 Ben gave only 2 places for his place of birth. 1841 census states Lincolnshire, 1851 states Oldham Lancashire. I've managed to find a Benjamin Eayers being baptised around the correct time in Oldham but the parish records do not contain any other Eyres 5 years either way. I don't know if his parents originally came from Oldham then moved to Lincolnshire, if they moved to Oldham baptised Ben then moved back to Lincolnshire, if they died and he went to live with relatives in Lincolnshire, or if he moved as a young man. e-mail
d 1893 Dorothy Rose EYRE and George Henry EYRE There were two outbreaks of typhoid fever in Worthing, West Sussex in 1893 from which 186 people died, but a list of the victims does not exist. Working from the Burial Register for the Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery, I have identified two EYRE burials occurring during the 2nd phase of the epidemic which appear to be related, despite the confusion of occupations.
They are for George EYRE, a Printer of 24 Orme Road aged 26 who was buried on 31 Jul 1893; and on 14 Jul 1893, Dorothy Rose EYRE aged 15 months, the daur of George Henry EYRE, a Painter also of 24 Orme Road. If anyone has any information about this family, I would be grateful if they would contact me.
Marion Woolgar
c1730? Gillingham EYRE I am interested in a Rev Thomas Eyre who married Rebecca d. of Rev Roger Gillingham of Little Shelford, Cambs at Wimbish, Essex on 20 July 1736. I strongly suspect, given the use of the surname Gillingham as a Christian name, that Gillingham Eyre who married Sarah Dickerson at St Lawrence Jewry in London in 1763 was their son. Any confirmation of this would be much appreciated. e-mail
28th Sept 1916 Stanley Herbert EYRE I am seeking any family or acquaintances of Stanley Herbert Eyre who was born on 28 Sep 1916. Before the war, Mr. Eyre lived at 18 Theilmere Ave, Litherland, Liverpool and was involved in financial auditing. During WWII he was a Sgt. in 207 Squadron RAF.
Sgt. Eyre, three other RAF, one Royal Navy, one RCAF and two USAAF airmen (incl. my father) were all shot down over Europe at various times in WW-II and made their way to Switzerland. In early 1944, the group escaped to Spain.
Sgt. Eyre left Gibralter and arrived at Bristol on 25 Feb 1944 and no one seems to have heard from him since.
I am editing an account of the aforementioned escape and would like to find out if he ever wrote of it.
Any person having knowledge of Mr. Eyre either before or after the war is requested to contact me.
1910 - 1988 Frank EYRE I am seeking information and family of Frank Eyre 1910-1988. I believe him to have been born in England where he certainly lived until 1946 when he emigrated to Australia and lived until his death in 1988. We know him to have worked for the Oxford University Press in Melbourne and believe that he may posibly have married a lady called Muriel while in Australia. Any information about Frank and any family in England, Australia or elsewhere would be much appreciated. e-mail
1648 - 1708 Robert EYRE Family lore and printed history credit this Robert EYRE as having been born 30 Jan 1648/49 and that he was apprenticed to a William ROGERS, merchant of Bristol (England). Supposedly he made several sea trips as a supercargo before settling in Bethel twp, Chester (now Delaware) cnty, Pennsylvania. c 1682 where he served as a Clerk of the Court for several years. He md: Ann SMITH, dtr of Francis SMITH, gentleman of Devizes, Wiltshire, England who also immigrated to Chester cnty, PA. The only known descendents of Robert EYRE and Ann SMITH come down thru their son, William EYRE, b: 1698, who md: Mary DAVID. e-mail
c1691 to c1709 John EYRE The only information known about this John EYRE is from these abstracts of records from Chester cnty, Pennsylvania, USA.
Deed. On 08 Mar 169 James BROWN transfers to Robert JEFFERIES (Norris) 60 acres. Signed: James BROWN. Delivered in the presence of Edward BEZAR and John EYRE. Rec: 22 Mar 1691/92. (A1:B122)
Deed. On 10 Mar 1691 John KINSMAN of Chichester, yeoman, to John EYRE of Chichester, laborer. John KINSMAN for 15 lbs grants to John EYRE a tract in Chichester bounded by land of Humphrey SCARLETT containing 100 acres. Signed: John KINSMAN. Delivered in the presence of Joshua FEARNE, Joseph COEBOURN, John BEAL & Lawrence ROUTH. Rec: 10 Mar 1693. (A1:B161)
RECORD OF THE COURTS OF CHESTER CNTY, PA 1681-1696/7, Colonial Society of Pennsylvania, 1910, reprint 1997 Higginson Books, Salem, MA pp.333-334
Att A Court of Common Please held Att Chester by AJornment the second Day of the Eight month 1694 - Counsellor George FFORMAN President; Jeremiah COLLETT, Jonathan HAYES, Thomas SMYTH, Justices Present; Joseph WOOD Sheriff; John CHILDE Clarke.)Joseph WOOD High Sherif Past A Deed to Counselor FFORMAN ffor Twenty five yards of land that was part of George ANDROSis land ffronting to Delwere River In Chichester Town next to Samuel ROWLANDs land and soe Runing the same Breadth Along the said ROWLANDs line the Deed beareing Date the 24 Day of ye 7th month 1694 the which said land was Taken by an execution that the fforesaid Counsellor George FFORMAN had Against the Estate of George ANDROS And was levied thereon and Appraised by Twelve men of the neighborhood whose names are As followeth
Edward BEZER: Ephraim JACKSON: Abraham BEAKS: William HUES: James BROWNE: John EYR: Phillip ROMAN: John NEALL: Rodger JACKSON: William CLAYTON: George GRIST: Joseph CLOUD Apraised the 26th Day of June 1694. Apraised at the sum of fourteen Pounds. ABSTRACTS OF CHESTER CNTY PA LAND RECORDS 1681-1730 by Carol Bryant
Deed. On 02 Jul 1709 John EAYR of Newberry in the county of Essex in the Merairtuters Bay in the province of New England, weaver, to Humphrey SCARLETT of Chichester, yeoman. Whereas John KINGSMAN of Chichester, yeoman, by deed dated 10 Jul 1691 grants to John EAYR, then of Chester cnty, a tract of land containing 100 acres, being part of a greater tract John KINGSMAN purchased of William PENN by deed, recorded Chester, Book A, page 83, on 05 Feb 1695. Now John EAYR for 30 grants to Humphrey SCARLETT all that tract bounded by land of Humphrey SCARLETT & Marcus Creek containing 100 acres. Signed: John EAYR. Delivered in the presence of Alexander BADCOCK, James LOWNES & John SIMCOCK Jr. Recorded 29 Nov 1709. (B2:359).
What relationship, if any, was there between Robert EYRE b: 1648 who settled in Bethel twp, Chester (now Delaware) cnty, Pennsylvania, USA, c 1682 and this John EYRE/EAYR? Is Merairtuters Bay in the province of New England a misspelling/mistranscription of Massachusetts Bay?? Could this John EYRE/EAYR be the son of Simon EYRE and Martha HUBBARD of Waterhouse, Middlesex, Massachusetts??
c1638 - 1679 Joseph EYRE This Joseph EYRE lived in Henrico cnty, Virginia, USA and md: Margaret HUMPHREYS (Abt 1642-1692). Their dtr, Jane EYRE, b: bet 1667-1671, md: abt 1687 William FUQUA (aka Gilliame FOUQUET). e-mail
c1598 - 1650 Simon EYRE / AYRE This Simon EYRE md: Dorothy PAYNE abt 1638, possibly in Waterhouse, Middlesex, Massachusetts and md: 2nd abt 1650 Martha HUBBARD. Click on his name to go to his page e-mail