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Family of Richard LE BLOUNT and UNKNOWN

Husband: Richard LE BLOUNT (bap.1272?, d.1333?)
Wife: UNKNOWN ( - )
Children: Geoffrey LE BLOUNT (bap.1290?, d.bef1363)
Marriage 1290 (app) 1

Husband: Richard LE BLOUNT

Name: Richard LE BLOUNT 2
Sex: Male
Father: Geoffrey LE BLOUNT (bap.1240?, d.1280)
Mother: UNKNOWN (bap.1220?)
Baptism 1272 (app) Etchilhampton, Wiltshire 2
Death 1333 (app) Wiltshire, England 1

Additional Information

Death Richard Blount held Etchilhampton until his death in 1333. The
Geoffrey#4424 Richard's son, inherited Etchilhampton who died
before 1363 leaving the estate to his daughter Margaret who had
married Walter Frampton.


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Geoffrey LE BLOUNT

Name: Geoffrey LE BLOUNT 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: HUSSEY ( - )
Baptism 1290 (app) Wiltshire, England 1
Death bef 1363 Wiltshire, England 1

Note on Husband: Richard LE BLOUNT

Richard of Etchilhampton must have been about 15 in 1287 when

one of the documents concerning Nicholas paying homeage to

Geoffrey le Heyr was dated.3


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