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Philip DRAYCOT's mother: Elizabeth EYRE (bap.1460)

Family of Philip DRAYCOT

Partner: Philip DRAYCOT (bap.1480?)
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Richard DRAYCOT (bap.1502?)
George DRAYCOT (bap.1507?)
Elizabeth DRAYCOT (bap.1503?)
Susannah DRAYCOT (bap.1509?)
Dorothy DRAYCOT (bap.1505?)
Marriage 1502 (app) 1,2

Husband: Philip DRAYCOT

Name: Philip DRAYCOT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Elizabeth EYRE (bap.1460)
Title Sir
Baptism 1480 (app) Paynsley, Staffordshire 1,2

Child 1: Richard DRAYCOT

Name: Richard DRAYCOT
Sex: Male
Baptism 1502 (app) Paynsley, Staffordshire 1

Child 2: George DRAYCOT

Name: George DRAYCOT
Sex: Male
Baptism 1507 (app) Paynsley, Staffordshire 1

Child 3: Elizabeth DRAYCOT

Name: Elizabeth DRAYCOT
Sex: Female
Baptism 1503 (app) Paynsley, Staffordshire 1

Child 4: Susannah DRAYCOT

Name: Susannah DRAYCOT
Sex: Female
Baptism 1509 (app) Paynsley, Staffordshire 1

Child 5: Dorothy DRAYCOT

Name: Dorothy DRAYCOT
Sex: Female
Baptism 1505 (app) Paynsley, Staffordshire 1


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