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14051 Woolen Weaver SOWDEN, Selina (I527)
14052 Woolen Weaver SWITHENBANK, George (I961)
14053 Woolen Weaver SWITHENBANK, Mary Ann (I963)
14054 Woolen Weaver SWITHENBANK, Mary Ann (I963)
14055 Woolen Weaver SWITHENBANK, Sarah A (I964)
14056 Woolen Weaver SWITHENBANK, Florence Beatrice (I965)
14057 Woolen Weaver SWITHENBANK, Rella (I967)
14058 Woolen Weaver SWITHENBANK, Maud Hilda (I969)
14059 Woolen Weaver JAGGER, Sarah Jane (I1049)
14060 Woolen Weaver JAGGER, Emma (I1061)
14061 Woolen Weaver living at her sister Marthas WHARTON, Nellie Gertrude (I986)
14062 Woolen? Mender? MARSHALL, Selina (I272)
14063 Woollen Cloth Weaver HUTTON, Hannah (I216)
14064 Woollen Cloth Weaver HUTTON, William (I241)
14065 Woollen Cloth Weaver HELSTUB, Mary Jane (I735)
14066 Worker in ??????? EYRE, Vernon Walter (I5389)
14067 Worker in Cottem Mill EYRE, Mary (I5885)
14068 Worker in Cotton Mill EYRE, Leah Gertrude (I6345)
14069 Worker in Elctricity Department LONGDEN, John Isaac (I2924)
14070 Working as a Domestic Housemaid for the Gibson family MOWTHORPE, Frances Elizabeth (I347)
14071 Working as a General Servant in the Shaw Household MOWTHORPE, Lucy (I399)
14072 Working as a Governess LINNINGTON, Sophia (I2)
14073 Working at home EYRE, Elizabeth Ann (I6079)
14074 Working Cutler EYRE, Albert Edward (I227)
14075 Working on Farm EYRE, Herbert Henry (I120)
14076 Working on Farm EYRE, James Howe (I1663)
14077 Working with her sister (Florence) as a Domestic Servant (Cook) in the Chevalier household EYRE, Martha (I116)
14078 Working with her sister (Martha) as a Domestic Servant (Housemaid) in the Chevalier household EYRE, Florence Ann (I117)
14079 World record holding cricketer having beaten Bradmans record when he scored 364 against the Australians at the Oval in the fifth test. This remains the highest individual score in Anglo-Australian test. HUTTON, Sir Leonard (I666)
14080 Worsted Mender WHARTON, Martha (I977)
14081 Worsted Mender WHARTON, Elizabeth (I979)
14082 Worsted Spinner HUTTON, Stephen (I189)
14083 Worsted Spinner SWITHENBANK, Mary Ann (I963)
14084 Worsted Spinner SWITHENBANK, Florence Beatrice (I965)
14085 Worsted Spinner WILLIAMSON, Thomas (I5669)
14086 Worsted weaver HUTTON, Beatrice (I190)
14087 Worsted Weaver SOWDEN, Bertha (I650)
14088 Worsted Weaver HUTTON, Laura (I692)
14089 Worsted Weaver by Power HUTTON, Martha Ann (I226)
14090 Worsted? Weaver? SOWDEN, Violetta (I649)
14091 WW1 Casualty MOWTHORPE, Fred (I349)
14092 WW1 Casualty MOWTHORPE, Joe (I379)
14093 Yeast Importer SOWDEN, Seba (I654)
14094 Yeast Importer SOWDEN, Seba (I654)
14095 Yeast Traveller EYRE, John Corker (I184)
14096 Yeoman EYRE, Jacob (I6160)
14097 Yeoman EYRE, Thomas (I1)
14098 _ITALIC: Y

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Source Source: S2 (S2)
14099 _ITALIC: Y

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Source Source: S1 (S1)

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