Welcome to The information presented on this site represents many years worth of research donated by many researchers across the globe. It is hoped that new researchers will continue to add their own branches to the Eyre Family History / Genealogy project.

The site was originally created under a different domain by Dan Eyre way back in 1998. It's first version being launched within 7 years of the web becoming publicly available was in black and white and predates Google by approximately 1 month. Early versions may be viewed by clicking on the Internet Archive button in the left hand column. I took over from Dan around January 2003 as he was looking to retire and I was starting to study Internet Computing. Our aim was and still is to provide a single collaborative website where researchers are able to publish their research and make contact with others researching the same branch.

As of the 13th October 2013 I've moved approximately 8,000 individuals across into a database in readiness for the site undergoing yet another change. This will simplify the process of updating branches for me and make finding individuals easier to find for visitors. Depending upon demands upon my time I'm hoping to have the new system up and running by the end of 2013.

Whilst this process is underway existing branches/pages are no longer being updated. Contributors who have contacted me in the past 3 months or so currently have access to the new system. At present the new system looks different to the present layout and I'm currently in the process of analysing the stylesheets the CMS is forcing upon me with a view to bringing the in line with the current look and feel of the site. Please let me know if you are able to provide a new or updated branch for the site.


  • Various coats of arms
  • A description on the earliest origins of the Eyre surname.
  • Over 3,500 pages providing info on over 17000 individuals within 5600 plus families.
  • Links to various useful genealogical sites.
  • A brickwalls section allowing researchers to post where they are stuck.
  • Contact details of fellow Eyre researchers / site contributers.
  • A map showing the distribution of the Eyre surname.
  • A database of Eyre gravestone photos and transcriptions (needs submissions).
  • Details of how you can contribute to site.
  • Transcriptions of various records/sources.


If you feel you are able to contribute to this site please get in touch. Maybe you contributed to the original site and would like to update your research or perhaps you can add to an existing branch or have info on an as yet unresearched line. Whatever info you have I would like to hear from you. Details of how to submit research or contact me are given on the contribute page.

Need Help?

As a member of the Guild of One Name Studies (No 4353) I will try to help those looking for Eyre connections. If you would like help with your Eyre connections please email me with as much detail as you are able and I will see what I can do to help.