Contribution Page

As mentioned on the home page I would like to hear from anyone who is able to provide research on the Eyre surname.

Although not necessary for you to use this site contributions increase its usefulness to others. Contributions may take various forms, a few of which are outlined below. If you feel able to contribute in any way please email me.

Submission of your own research

All of the pages available on this site have been donated by a resarcher at sometime. If you have research that either adds to existing branches or creates a new branch for the site you are most welcome to submit your research for inclusion on the site

If you have not already done so why not enter the names of a few of the people in your tree into the search form and see whether your branch is new or has matches with an existing branch of the site?

To submit your research all that is required is that your research be in either Gedcom or some form of Family History program back up file.

If your branch is completely new I will create a new branch of the site and upload it to the site. I will then send you a link so you can view it prior to it being made completely publicly available by my linking to the main site. This allows you to check it out and make any corrections before anyone else sees the details.

If however your research overlaps with an existing branch there are two options available which depend upon both the relative size of the two branches, whether or not the original contributor is available and or agreeable to the merge and whether or not I have access to a copy of the gedcom or file that was originally used to create the branch. They are

  • Having your own research on a seperate branch from the original and you retaining ownership of it.
  • Merging the existing branch with yours and creating a new updated branch which both yourself and the original submitter work together in continuing the research of the branch.

To submit your research all that is required is that your research be in either Gedcom or some form of Family History program back up file. I will then run this through a program that creates the web pages. The process of creating the branch is very quick (just a few seconds for a hundred person file) and a minute or so to upload to the site.

I keep a copy of the gedcom or FH backup file and update your branch as and when you send me an update file. Its far easier to amend a branch by creating a branch from scratch from a new gedcom than it is to amend the existing html pages as each individual would have to have details amended on every page they appear and this can be multiple pages for each as each person appears on there parents, grandparents, spouses, children and grandchildrens pages.

Any gedcom or FH backup files are kept by me only as a backup in case you lose your research or if it needs to be merged with someone elses branch to create a merged branch

The contents will not be passed onto anyone else without your permission and will only be used to create a merged branch with permission of all parties concerened.

I strongly advise that any details of living individuals either be removed or privatised prior to you sending them to me to avoid any details on the site being of any use to someone trying to carry out ID theft such as finding out DOB or mothers maiden name etc.

  • Submission of photos, either of old Eyre family members or of Eyre Gravestones for inclusion on the Grave Search feature.
  • Submission of transcriptions from booklets, indexes, CD's etc.
  • Offering to do lookups from resources such as booklets, indexes CD's etc.
  • Donation of no longer used resources such as booklets, indexes CD's etc.
  • Financial donations to help buy resources such as software, census CD's, web hosting, domain registration etc may be made via the Paypal Make a Donation button below.

Submitting photos

Any photos for inclusion on the site are best emailed to me with an explanation of who or what they are showing

Photos must not be subject to copyright and are best sent in jpg format at a sensible file size (max dimension being no more than 900 pixels and max file size no more than 200kb) so as to aid transmission.

If submitting photos for inclusion on the Grave Search feature please state for each photo the location of the grave (Country, County, Town/ Village and Cemetary) along with a transcription of the gravestone.

Creating transcriptions

If you have a transcription that you would like including on the site such as Monumental Inscriptions for a given graveyard or census references please contact me for more details as to the best format of submitting as I have created a few tools to convert text files to tabularised web page content that may save us both time if we can agreed upon a format early on.

Donating financially

Last on the list if you have found this site useful and are feeling generous please feel free to make a donation towards its running costs (domain name renewal, hosting costs etc) or purchase of resources (census discs, indexes books etc). This site is free to use and donation is gratefully received. If this site has helped you to further your research or knock down a brick wall is a small donation too much to ask?