Index of isolated Eyre Families in the UK & Ireland

Earliest Submitter / Owner Location Updated People
Assorted Unknown Buckinghamshire (being replaced)    
Thomas Eyre 1700's   Buckinghamshire (Vicars of Padbury)    
Assorted   Coventry    
William Eyre c1751   Derbyshire (Hathersage) 27/09/2011 22
William Eyre c1757   Derbyshire    
James Eyre 1795 Willington   Derbyshire (Willington).    
James Eyre (very similar to above)   Derbyshire (Newton Solney)    
Daniel Eyre b c1750   Derbyshire (Tibshelf) 30/10/2012 75
Anthony Eyre 1534   Devonshire    
Assorted   Hampshire    
Michael Eyre c 1720   Hampshire (Crondall) 23/01/2012 69
Assorted   Lancashire    
Assorted   Lincolnshire    
George EYRE (HARE) b 1786   Lincolnshire (Great Gonerby) 29/10/2012 410
Benjamin Eyre c 1800 Lincs or Lancs Bob Eyre Lincolnshire (Firsby) 17/12/2012 1071
Robert c 1760 Lincolnshire Bob Eyre Lincolnshire (Willoughby) 07/12/2012 105
Assorted   Leics    
Middlesex   Middlesex    
Middlesex   Middlesex (partial recon of the above) 07/02/2012 195
Venn Eyre c 1712   Norfolk (Kings Lynn) 27/10/2012 63
Northamptonshire   Northamptonshire    
Northamptonshire   Northamptonshire (Long Buckby) 16/02/2012 75
Staffordshire   Staffordshire    
Suffolk   Suffolk    
Surrey   Surrey. 07/02/2012 1271
Wiltshire   Wiltshire    
Yorkshire   Yorkshire    
John Eyre 1772 Sykehouse   Yorkshire (Rotherham) 20/02/2012 122
Joseph Eyre 1794 Pontefract Graham Hanson Yorkshire