Contributor / Researcher Distribution Map

The following map shows the locations of fellow Eyre researchers. For privacy reasons locations are not to an exact address level.

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To be added to the above map please supply your name, approx geographic address, (email address if you wish to be contacted by fellow researchers), (branch of site submitted/contributed to if any) and locations and dates of research on the Eyre surname.

The following individuals have contributed to this site. Some of them may be contacted via email (check by hovering over names).

Contributor Contribution
Dan Eyre Original creator and owner of the site.
Ms.Barbarann Ayars Early English research. Eyre pedigrees, families and place history
Stuart H Ward Contributed the pedigree of the Ayer family of Canada
Ms Judith Ardine With assistance of other researchers in her group the early American pedigree of the Eyre family descended from Robert Eyre.
John of Truro Early English pedigrees to the current time covering Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.
Vincent E Summers Contributed the Ayres family of the USA.
Ms Lesley Brown Prepared a theory on the beginning of the EYRE surname.
Bryan Chinn Co creator of the Newton Solney/Willington branch of the site.
Bob Eyre Current site owner. Creating new features for the site and updating relevent branches when new info is submitted.
Jane Norman Contributor of research on the Yorkshire Rotherham branch.
N. R. Transcriptions of gravestones around Hope Derbyshire and Australian BMD transcriptions.
Don Eyre Submitter of a new version of the branch covering Highfield in Derbyshire and the descendents of Charles Vincent Joachim Eyre of Australia who emigrated to Australia
Robert Eyre Financial donation made on the 21.5.2006
Alison Contributed an as yet unviewable branch
Graham Hanson Stray branch from Yorkshire