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Family of Thomas Ellwood EYRE and Cornelia August LAFEY

Husband: Thomas Ellwood EYRE (1891-1934)
Wife: Cornelia August LAFEY ( - )

Husband: Thomas Ellwood EYRE

Name: Thomas Ellwood EYRE 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Frank(lin) Nathan EYRE (1865-1932)
Mother: Eleanor Euphemia "Effie" URIAN (1865-1953)
Birth 14 Oct 1891 Chester, PA
Occupation 7 Apr 1930 (age 38) -; Pattern Maker 3
Address (Facts Pg) btw 0005 and 7 Apr 1930 (age -1887-38 (!)) 4th Ward, Chester, Pennsylvania 4
Death 7 Sep 1934 (age 42) Chester, PA

Wife: Cornelia August LAFEY

Name: Cornelia August LAFEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Thomas Ellwood EYRE - shared note

Death Certificate Info: Residence 431 E 12th St (also residence of Frank EYRE at his death in 1932), Chester, PA; Occupation Truck Operator, Cause of Death Acute Myocardial failure (Heart),

Contributing Condition Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease, Informant Mrs Ellen WHITLOCK of 641 13th Ave, Prospect Park, PA, buried Baptist Cemetery, Undertaker: Imschweiler.

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1930 Census


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