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John EYRE's other family: with Elizabeth A RIPPEY (1830-1890)

Family of John EYRE and Maryetta

Husband: John EYRE (1828-1900)
Wife: Maryetta (1826-1891)

Husband: John EYRE

Name: John EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel EYRE (1798-1864)
Mother: Elizabeth Ann STOUT ( -bef1836)
Birth 2 Feb 1828 Fayette Cnty, OH 1
Burial Old Bethel Cemetery, IL
Death 22 Aug 1900 (age 72) Coulterville, IL, age 72 y

Wife: Maryetta

Name: Maryetta
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 Aug 1826 Bennington, VT
Burial Section R, Caledonia Cemetery, IL, Highway 154
Death 8 Feb 1891 (age 64) Age 64 y, 5 m

Note on Husband: John EYRE - shared note

E-Mail from (Marti Harrington) 10/10/99 Illinois Eyres:


I dug out one of the "famous" letters and here goes, see what you think! Letter is from John EYRE of Coulterville, IL dated 7/13/1886 (spelling is poor and therefore some is hard to figure


John talks about the Bible Record of his grandma and grandfather (this would be John EYRE and Catharine CRUMLEY) there is a listing for John EYRE born 2/12/1828 which would be the son of

Samuel and the writer of the letter).

There is a listing for the birth of Robert W EYRE b.10/17/1822 ??? Could this be the Robert EYRE who married Catharine A RODGERS as shown on the Illinois listing for marriages??? This

marriage was in 1841 which would have made Robert 19 yrs. old which seems about right.

The letter has a listing for a birth of Hannah EYRE born 7/17/1824 and there is a marriage listing in the Illinois index for a Hannah EYRE and a Matthew FOWLER in 1847; again the age seems

about right.

The letter has a birth of Catherine EYRE 12/9/1831 and the Illinois index has a Catharine EYRE marrying a Champ C MILLER in 1855 - which puts her at 16 - not unheard of back then.

Now, I have quite a few letters from the "MILLERS" and I have yet to figure out how they are related but if I get the chance today, I will certainly check it out and let you know.

But look over the above and let me know what you think.


Note on Wife: Maryetta - shared note

05-26-01 Mary Dains <>


1" (Marti Harrington)". 10/10/1999 Illinois EYREs "7/13/1886 letter from John EYRE of Coulterv.