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Family of Pennell Larkin EYRE and Eliza Ann HANBY

Husband: Pennell Larkin EYRE (1843-1920)
Wife: Eliza Ann HANBY (1843-1906)
Children: Frank(lin) Nathan EYRE (1865-1932)
Robert Hanby EYRE (1868-1933)
Anna Louisa "Lulu" EYRE ( - )
Bertha P EYRE ( - )

Husband: Pennell Larkin EYRE

Name: Pennell Larkin EYRE
Sex: Male
Father: Nathan Larkin EYRE (1803-1864)
Mother: Ann LARKIN (1806-1863)
Birth 30 Aug 1843 Bethel Twp, PA
Occupation 1910 (age 66-67) -; Mill Laborer 1
Death 27 Oct 1920 (age 77)

Wife: Eliza Ann HANBY

Name: Eliza Ann HANBY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Mar 1843
Death 27 Apr 1906 (age 63) 2

Child 1: Frank(lin) Nathan EYRE

Name: Frank(lin) Nathan EYRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor Euphemia "Effie" URIAN (1865-1953)
Birth 4 Mar 1865 prob Delaware Cnty, PA (DC lists birth as 10 Apr 1865)
Burial Fairview Cemetery Association - 786 Oak St - Coatesville, PA 19320 - (610) 384-2027
Death 20 Oct 1932 (age 67) Chester, PA

Child 2: Robert Hanby EYRE

Name: Robert Hanby EYRE
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Jul 1868
Occupation 1910 (age 41-42) -; Bricklayer 1,3
Address (Facts Pg) 7 Apr 1930 (age 61) 3rd Ward, Chester, Pennsylvania 4
Death 4 Apr 1933 (age 64) Chester Hospital, PA

Child 3: Anna Louisa "Lulu" EYRE

Name: Anna Louisa "Lulu" EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: William J ROYAL ( - )
Spouse 2: Horace L. SIMPSON ( - )

Child 4: Bertha P EYRE

Name: Bertha P EYRE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John B. LAWLER ( -1914)
Spouse 2: William J. COHEN ( - )

Note on Husband: Pennell Larkin EYRE - shared note

November 2, 1864




County, October 28, 1864... The account of James << Larkin>> , Guardian of Pennell L. << Eyre>>.

Note on Wife: Eliza Ann HANBY - shared note

Chester Times

Saturday, 28 Apr 1906

Front Page

Mrs Eliza Eyre, wife of Pennell Eyre, of 1111 Spruce Str., died last evening after a short illness. Yesterday morning Mrs Eyre was in the best of health apparently, and remarked to the

family that she felt exceedingly well. Shortly before noon she was seized with a pain about the heart and grew weaker until she passed away shortly before 8PM. The cause of death was paralysis

of the heart.

Mrs Eyre was born in Brandywine Hundred, Delaware, 63 years ago and came of the Hanby family of Hanby's Corner in Delaware where her relatives are well to do. For many years she resided

near Chelsea in Bethel Twp., where her husband conducted a farm. About 16 years ago they removed to Chester. Four children survive: Frank, Robert, Lulu and Bertha, all of whom are well and

favorably known.

The sudden death of Mrs Eyre shocked the neighborhood. The deceased was a faithful member of the Providence Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. The funeral will occur on Tuesday afternoon

at 1 o'clock from the husband's residence and services will take place at 2:30 in the Providence Ave. church, in charge of the Rev Josiah Rawden, the Pastor.


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