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Virginia EYRE (1860?- )

Name: Virginia EYRE 1
Sex: Female
Father: Mahlon Dickerson EYRE (1821-1882)
Mother: Isabella Olivia Carrell SMYTH ( - )

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1860 (app) Tuscany, Italy


1"Personal E-mail". Text From Source: The Zairs <>; Wed, 07 May 2008 19:59:40 +0100 "The following baptismal records of baptisms which took place in Tuscany include Virginia Eyre, born to Mahlon Dickerson Eyre and Isabella Olivia Eyre in 1860." No day or month given. As we specifica lly asked about Katie, and there sems only to be the bapt for Virginia, we are at a bit of a loss. We do know that Katie had a sister called Virginia, so this seems a good fit, but as all genealogis t know, a good fit sometimes turn s out to be completely wrong. The librarian at the British Institute seems to think that these baptismal records( which also include Wilson Eyre and Lincoln Lear Eyr e and Manning Kennard Eyre, sons of Wilson Eyre and Louisa Lincoln Eyre ) are held at the Guildhall Library in London, though I can't imagine why that would be.It would seem more logical that they wou ld be recorded in an American consulate or embassy. I'll try to follow up the Guildhall reference. Also the Historical Society of Pennsylvania seem to have lots of Eyre stuff, so we'll try to get some one on to that too, as well as te Philadelphia papers-wouldn't it just be great if someone had put a birth notice in the local paper-I live in hope ! Your help is much appreciated, and I'll try to fill you in if we cann track anything else down." [*Elaine - jks]
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