Tree: Chap 21 Highfield

Tree Name  Chap 21 Highfield 
Description  This branch was formed by three sons of Charles Vincent Joachim Eyre, the eldest son of Charles Nathaniel Eyre and brother of John Joseph Eyre. Thomas Joseph Eyre brother of Charles Nathaniel Eyre purchased from the Landed Estates Court, Ireland in 185?, the Castle and estates of Clifden Castle, County Galway, the former property of the ancient Norman-Irish family D'Arcy. This property he conveyed by deed of gift to his nephew John Joseph Eyre, since whose death the castle has been unoccupied. written 1912). The gift by-passed seniority of inheritance of his own children and his brothers. This may have been the reason that the three sons of Charles Vincent Joachim Eyre (Fitzwilliam Henry Eyre, Francis Edward Charles Eyre and Augustine Lewis Slater Eyre) came to Australia to seek their fortune. This branch will eventually be split into two branches, (English and Australian) with certain individuals being present in both. 

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